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Live @ The Virtually Acoustic Club, London

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The Reason Why

Live @ The Virtually Acoustic Club, London

12th October 2000


Mastered at Richmond Studios, Dublin, Ireland

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Download two minute samples of each song

1) To The Stars - lyrics


2) Albany NY - lyrics


3) The Reason Why - lyrics


4) Monday Week - lyrics


5) Falling In Love Again - lyrics


6) Sweet Futility - lyrics


7) Millennium Song - lyrics


8) See If We Can Take It - lyrics


9) Desolate - lyrics


10) The Silence Remains - lyrics



 Song #1,3,5 and 8 by John Fallon, song #6 and 10 by Mike Ferguson,
song #7 by John Fallon & Mike Ferguson, song #2,4 and 9 by Mike Ferguson & Robert Watson.
Recordings owned by The Virtually Acoustic Club

Thanks to JB for help in production



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