Monday Week



The first thing you ask me when I arrive

Is when will I be leavin'

You look like you've brought enough to stay for a month

Well looks can be deceiving




Monday week will come around quickly

Monday week will be here before I know it, before I know it



I try so hard to lose myself in you

I try to leave the office behind

But I find myself with budgetary problems

and an impending deadline, of






Next thing I know it's Sunday evening

It's funny how time flies when you're havin' fun

It's funny that you're barely a footstep away

And yet the idea of losing you has already begun




Monday week has come around quickly

Monday week is here and don't I know it, don't I know it



Standing in the terminal huddling in our coats

I can see the breath in front of my nose

I'm not very good at long goodbyes





Mike Ferguson & Robert Watson 2000