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The Reason Why was formed on 30th September 1999 when Mike Ferguson replied to an e-mail from John Fallon by saying 'Now that's the best suggestion yet'.  Fallon's suggestion had been that they call themselves 'The Reason Why'. The band was to be a duo, performing their own songs with acoustic accompaniment. The groundwork for the band had been done in the previous years when the two had individually written a host of songs with subject matter ranging from the popular to the personal, the descriptive to the obscure, the spontaneous to the intended, and the interesting to the banal (who wrote this?). Their performing experience had been gained in their early twenties when they played regularly in front of a variety of audiences while living in Bradford in the North of England.

The two protagonists met in Bradford in the Spring of 1990 (is the Beehive still there anyone?) when they played in a successful University folk band set up by students to offer alternative entertainment for fellow students. Between them, from the Spring of 1988 (Ferguson joined while Fallon was away on work placement) to the early months of 1994, although playing only cover versions, they gained extensive performing experience at the various beer and wine festivals at the University, in the student bars of the University and in many pubs and clubs around Bradford (i.e. anywhere that sold alcohol). The numerous great nights and days of entertainment provided by the band are fondly remembered by many of the Bradford Alumni of those years. Why did it have to end?

From their mid teens Fallon and Ferguson had been writing material of a popular style, albeit untested on the outside world. Ferguson in particular liked complete tracking  - adding extra instruments to the voice-over and guitar, while Fallon concentrated on the simple melody with guitar accompaniment and harmony.

In late 1993 and the early months of 1994, before the break up of the folk band, they began to practice their own original music, as a four and five piece rock outfit, with the idea of calling themselves 'The Quiet River', translated from the French film of the same name. By then, however, Fallon had had enough and was on the move south to London, to make his fortune. The new band hadn't played any gigs. After finishing his degree later that year Ferguson too made his way to London, but it wasn't until 1996 that the two began to play music together again. In that year 'The Quiet River', finally, and now a two piece semi acoustic band, gently graced the legendary stages of The Rock Garden in Central London, the Mean Fiddler in Harlsden, and Mike's (no relation) Bar at the old King's College London Chelsea campus (a hostelry patronised by the unlikely combination of scientists from King's College London and artists from The Chelsea College of Art and Design - there's a movie script in there somewhere). Unable to maintain momentum, and unable to juggle between the demands of creative art and everyday life, the two stars, later that summer, again hung up their performing plectrums, but continued to write new material. It wasn't until late 1998 that Fallon found his vocal chords to be once again 'calling him on', to modify a phrase used by Robbie Williams. He began to record on 4-track many of the songs which had until now remained only in the memory, and to distribute them at random among the great and the good. Ferguson too longed for a return to the bright lights and exhilaration of the live performance. From August '99 The Reason Why played many gigs and floorspots in Central and North London venues. Fallon moved to Dublin, Ireland, in 2001, and then to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA in 2005, but the band lives on through the internet and through their CD 'Live @ The Virtually Acoustic Club London', available from CDBaby and associated digital distributors (including itunes). Fallon has continued to write and perform, particularly at open mikes, and many of his recordings are available on the internet via links from the Two One Two Music Website. Ferguson too has maintained his interest through the revival, in London, of his old school ensemble 'The Incredible 1967 Grass Band'.

The song from which The Reason Why take their name was written by Fallon while briefly living in Harringey, North London, in the summer of 1991. Harringey, indeed, has featured prominently in the lives of our two heroes, both having lived there for many years in the 1990s. Musical influences for the band include parents, family, friends, experiences, the pop charts, the indie charts, artists on the fringe, and the odd established artist. A once written description of the band's music at a gigging venue was 'REMy melodic rock'.

Fallon, from Ireland, and Ferguson, from Northern Ireland (UK), form a unique combination of musical strength, whose individual creative and performing competence is magnified by their combined charisma. The Reason Why have no illusions about what they can or cannot achieve, only the knowledge that the ultimate satisfaction lies with the music.




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