Santa Claus Got A Second Job



They say that Santa Claus has got a second job

Workin’ on computers with his cousin Bob

They say he’s workin’ now from nine to five

Got a whole new way of doin’ things

Got a whole new way of keepin’ alive


They say he rises early in the mornin’ now

Has an orange juice and a little cous cous and milk from the cow

They say he’s loosin’ flubber by the pound

But that’s alright ‘cause I would say

He’s still just a little bit round



And Santa Claus is sure to know

What to do and where to go

Santa Claus is sure to be fine

And Santa Claus is sure to remember

All the things he does in December

Santa Claus is still on side


They say he watches TV now and drives a car

And every now and then he plays a tune on his guitar

They say he’s tryin to be just a regular guy

But that’s alright cause I would say

He still says ho ho on the sly







John Fallon 2005